Staff dedication

Staff on break

Location catering is totally about amazing staff!

When the rest of the world is happily playing or sleeping, you will find behind the scenes, our staff putting in the long hard hours, loving every chance to make your event a great success. From enquiry to account settlement, our people are the essential link to happy customers.

Read on about our flexibility in meeting unexpected challenges, often anywhere in New Zealand, far from our base.

Dancing on our feet - The only constant things when location catering is constant change and long hours on running feet. Filming projects for instance, often demand this. Crews can be late for meals, or even worse, early! Then, just when food is ready on the buffet, far more than expected may appear.

Locations can change just as quickly. “Sorry girls, we know you have already done your 12 hours but we have to change locations for breakfast tomorrow and by the way, could you pick up a few bits from the supermarket and fuel the Ford on the way?”

Tight schedules and unexpected turnarounds - Then there's the unexpected.  “I know you have done ten days on the trot but can you come in to base and help with the pack-down and the pack-out for the bereavement tomorrow.”  Flexible staff, supported by our wide range of equipment, allow us to cater for tighter schedules and events back-to-back, same time even, over wide distances.

Meeting challenges far away from base - Several annual engagements, demand eight to ten day stints away from base.  Being on location anywhere throughout New Zealand, necessitates living in accommodation with less-than-ideal choices, poor communications with the outside world and long hours without breaks, not to mention the weather. Rain, snow and frosts can quickly lead to towing trucks through bogs!  Just to complicate matters, the boss is likely to be working on other challenging enquiries at the same time.

And so, the challenges roll on…